Aleppo Soap with 5% Laurel Oil with - 190 grams

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Aleppo Soap with 5% Laurel oil, for daily cleansing of your skin. This soap contains 5% Laurel oil and is suitable for every skin type . Next to it cleaning of the skin, this Aleppo Soap also ensures that the skin intensively fed is becoming.

Laurel oil has an anti-bacterial effect and therefore ensures that restless skin calms down again is becoming. The olive oil in this Aleppo Soap provides intensive nourishment to the skin and makes the skin soft and supple . A (h) honest product with a great effect!

Aleppo Soap has been made in Syria for thousands of years in a traditional way. To make the soap, olive oil is first poured into a large saponification tank. This is then mixed with water and soda lye. The oil will slowly saponify in this way. When the mixture has cooled down, the soaps are cut manually. At the latest, the ripening process can begin. The soap blocks are dried in the bright sun for nine months.

Use: Aleppo Soap with 5% Laurel Oil can be used daily and is suitable for every skin type. If you have problem skin, it is even recommended to use the soap every day to cleanse and care for the skin.

Ingredients: Sodium olivate, aqua (water), sodium laurelate, glycerin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.