Aleppo soap with 12% Laurel oil - 200 grams

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Aleppo soap with 12% Laurel oil is extremely suitable for daily use . Every skin type benefits from this natural soap. The olive oil present provides a intensive nutrition of your skin. The bay berry oil cleans and protects the skin optimally and has the property to counteract bacteria.

How higher the percentage of laurel oil , the higher the quality of the soap. That is, the better the disinfecting and caring effect of the soap. Aleppo soap with 12% laurel oil is a natural product and the color can therefore also change under the influence of light. The outside of the soap is hard and often darker, the inside is softer and lighter. With Aleppo soap with 12% laurel oil you ensure that a problem skin to rest comes.

Aleppo soap is a fairly greasy soap that gently cleanses the skin. This soap has been manufactured in Syria for more than 4000 years. The way in which this is done has hardly changed. Traditionally, Aleppo soap has been used in Hammams because of its anti-bacterial and also caring effect.

Use: Aleppo Soap with 12% Laurel Oil can be used daily and is suitable for every skin type. The soap is ideal for troubled, sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Ingredients: sodium olivate, aqua (water), sodium laurelate, glycerin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.