Organic Aleppo Oil with olive oil and bay leaf - 30 ml

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Aleppo oil, made from olive oil and bay leaf, is a signature product created exclusively by Alepia. With the virtues of Aleppo soap, this oil is ideal for deep nourishment and for exfoliating in combination with Dead Sea salt.

For all skin types

Made in France and certified organic.

Capacity: 30ml

Precaution for use:

It is a powerful oil that contains 10% Bayberry oil and 90% Olive oil. This content of bayberry oil is very important because it is indigenous, unlike the saponified bayberry oil in Aleppo soap.

In addition, unlike Aleppo soap, the applied oil is not washed out, so its effect lasts over time. Be careful, do not use on babies or pregnant women.

Some people may be intolerant or allergic to Laurel: do not use if redness occurs within 24 to 48 hours of application. If in doubt, test on a small area before first use.

For care: clean the skin thoroughly with Aleppo soap and dry gently with a clean cloth. Then apply a small amount of Aleppo oil to the skin and then massage until it penetrates.

In scrub: mix equal parts Aleppo oil and Dead Sea salt. First rub the skin wet and then simply rinse with water. For the hands and face, choose the fine salt and for the body the medium or fine salt according to your preference.

Ingredients: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Laurus Nobilis Fruit Oil*.

*made from organic ingredients