Organic Black Cumin Oil - 100% Pure, Natural & Cold Pressed -50ml

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Organic Black Cumin Oil, 100% Pure, Natural & Cold Pressed with the eco certificate. Black cumin oil for skin is perfect for acne skin. The oil is effective in treating pimples, small wounds, combating blackheads and dilated pores. Black cumin oil has a smooth skin texture and it helps purify the skin, soothe infections, fade scars. The oil can also be used on the scalp as an anti-dandruff agent and soothes eczema. The oil is vegan and cruelty free and comes in a glass bottle with pipette so that the oil can be applied locally. ANTI-ACNE | PURIFYING | NOURISHING
FACE Apply 3 to 5 drops in the palm of your hand, warm the oil and distribute it over the face, neck and décolleté. Massage for 3 minutes with movements from the center outwards towards the face. Apply morning and/or evening to oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin. Use pure or diluted with a neutral vegetable oil such as our Jojoba oil for sensitive skin. BODY In daily care for dermatosis (such as eczema, psoriasis) to nourish the skin and soothe itching. Apply 1 pump of oil per affected area and massage gently until completely absorbed. Focus on the driest areas, applying several times a day if necessary. HAIR & SCALP To rebalance sebum production and remove dandruff, apply a few drops of oil to the scalp and leave on for 20 minutes to 1 hour before using shampoo. It is recommended to apply this treatment no more than 2 times a month. You can also make a nourishing oil bath for your hair by massaging no more than a tablespoon of oil into the hair and leaving it on overnight, keeping in mind that the oil may bleed. Once a month. BEARD To cleanse and remove dandruff: apply a few drops of oil to the beard and skin. Distribute and massage with fingertips in circular movements to allow the oil to penetrate well. Perform this treatment 1 to 2 times a week.
Benefits of this oil: If you've tried everything to get rid of your acne, this black cumin oil could become your new superhero! A gentle, purifying treatment that rids you of imperfections and says goodbye to acne, dilated pores, excess sebum and blackheads! The ultra-caring treatment that comes to the rescue of weakened skin because the oil relieves eczema, psoriasis and recurring skin irritations. Need comfort and strength? Nigella Oil offers you all the fatty acids and vitamins for firmer, nourished and toned skin. Relax while you benefit from the anti-inflammatory effect for your pain, contractures and joint pain. Do you suffer from dandruff and hair that becomes greasy too quickly? Try using Nigella oil for an always clean scalp! Do you want a healthy, supple, fuller beard? It is an ideal treatment to stimulate growth and gently treat minor discomfort. Nigella Sativa oil or black cumin oil is a cosmetic ingredient with purifying and soothing properties to use in your personalized recipes: massage oils, hair masks, soaps, creams...
Article number ORGANIC CUMIN-50ML
Brand Bionoble
Contents 50 ml
EAN 3665717000001
Ingredients Nigella Sativa (Nigelle ou Cumin Noir) Seed Oil
Made in Egypt
For hair type All hair types