Dead Sea Sea Salt - Bath Salt - 180 grams

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Buy Dead Sea salt for a wonderfully relaxing bath! This Dead Sea Bath Salt is ideal for exfoliating or as an extra addition to your bath water. It purifies and revitalizes your skin thoroughly. The Dead Sea salt is rich in minerals making it work very well for your body on a healthy and natural way to take care of.

Dead Sea salt gives a clear skin and radiant complexion. Dead Sea salt in your bath ensures that you pores purified and fight free radicals. In addition, it can provide support muscle pain and relief of some skin problems . A scrub with Dead Sea salt ensures that dead skin cells removed become and the production of new skin cells is stimulated.

Dead Sea salt is salt from the Dead Sea. This sea is the most salty sea in the world and is full of minerals. Thousands of years ago people discovered the healing properties of the Dead Sea. That is why several spa palaces were built on the shore, by David and Salomon, among others. Cleopatra was also a loyal user of skin care from the Dead Sea.

Usage: Add some Dead Sea salt to your bath water. The more salt you add, the better the effect of the bath salts. The salt can also be used to gently exfoliate.

Ingredients: 100% Sea Salt.

Buy Dead Sea salt to give your body ultimate care!