Mattifying cream for oily skin- 50ml- Najel

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NAJEL mattifying cream is specially made for oily skin. This anti-shine treatment purifies the skin and mattifies the complexion for optimal comfort all day long. Najel's famous laurel oil brings its antiseptic and purifying power to your skin. Lemon and aloe vera hydrolates purify and tone the skin to help close pores. Rose Myrtl extracts have a high concentration of organic acids and polyphenols that reduce the "Propionibacterium acnes" bacteria responsible for the infection of blackheads and thus the inflammation and redness associated with acne. These extracts also hydrate the skin to fight inflammation and regulate sebum production. The presence of clay in this NAJEL cream mattifies the complexion to reduce shine, an effect enhanced by the action of the myrtle rose.
Formulated without perfume, this cream can be used daily without risk of allergy. Apply to face and neck in circular motions

This mattifying cream from NAJEL brings oily and acne-prone skin back into balance. The skin is purified, toned and nourished.

Hypoallergenic guarantee!