Natural Sponge / Mediterranean Sea Sponge - 9-10cm

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Buy natural sponge? This Mediterranean sponge is from very high quality . A Natural Sponge is a living organism on the seabed. It is a wonderful tool for washing your skin, especially when you have a sensitive skin have. Also for washing it delicate baby skin a Natural sponge is ideal.

The Natural Sponge absorbs and lathers more than a synthetic bath sponge. In addition, the Mediterranean Sea sponge is resilient and feels wonderfully soft and pleasant on your skin.

A natural sponge grows at the bottom of the sea. After a few years of growing, the sea sponge is harvested by special fishermen. A sea sponge grows about 1 to 2 centimeters per year. A natural sponge has the property of being very soft and resilient and is often recommended for washing sensitive skin.

Usage: Drop some shower gel, oil or soap on the Natural Sponge and rub the sea sponge over your skin. After use, rinse the Natural Sponge well and let it dry.

Material: 100% pure Mediterranean sponge.

Buy a Natural Sponge for wonderfully soft skin!