Pumice Stone with Cord

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Order pumice stone for your feet? Pumice is a porous, volcanic rock and has long been used in Hammams. With a pumice stone you can Rub the calluses of your feet and elbows so that your skin on these areas reappears wonderfully soft feels.

This pumice stone with handy cord should not be missing in your bathroom. You feet and elbows feel wonderfully soft again after use. The more often you use the Pumice Stone, the more applicable the Pumice Stone becomes, since the Pumice Stone then becomes finer. This can therefore also be used for the more sensitive skin of your toes, for example.

Pumice stone is a volcanic stone that is formed at temperatures of 500 to 600 degrees Celsius. Erupted lava quickly cools as it flies through the air, and the drop in pressure in lava causes bubbles to form in the rock. This also gives the Pumice stone its porosity. Pumice has long been used as an exfoliating stone in Turkish baths, Hammams. The color of pumice stones can vary from white, yellow and gray to brown or faded red.

Usage: Rub the pumice stone over the skin on which calluses have formed, on the feet and elbows. For optimally fresh feet, you also take one once a week Alum Stone Powder foot bath in which you mix 50 grams of Alum Powder in a bowl of warm water. Soak for 20 minutes and then dry well.

Material: Pumice stone

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