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Argan oil composition

Jun 20, 2023Marieke Bergsma


Argan oil has a light brown color and tastes slightly like walnuts. The Moroccan tribes (Amazigh) use argan oil in cooking and as a seasoning in their traditional dishes. They have known the special effect of the argan tree for a long time.

Vijzelen van de argannoten

Without ever knowing the components of argan oil, the indigenous Moroccan population uses argan oil as a caring oil that maintains the natural balance of the skin supports.


Moroccan argan oil is considered extremely valuable cosmetically because it contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and numerous components with a positive effect. At Rabat University in Morocco, Professor Charrouf has conducted extensive research into the composition of argan oil. He found significant amounts of tocopherol (vitamin E) (620 mg per liter!).

In addition, concentrations of quercetin and myricetin were discovered in argan oil. Furthermore, the unique combination of sterols in argan oil is also remarkable, especially the presence ofschoptenol and spinasterol.


Argan oil is increasingly used in the cosmetic industry. French cosmetics companies have found that argan oil provides protection against free radicals that cause skin aging. Skin oil based on argan oil keeps the skin young and tight.

The natural effect of argan oil as an antioxidant is partly attributed to the extremely high content of tocopherol (vitamin E). Argan oil is unusually rich in vitamin E with 620 mg per liter, for example compared to olive oil (320 mg per liter). The natural presence of antioxidants in argan oil also ensures a good shelf life; the antioxidants prevent the oil from aging quickly. Argan oil can be mixed well with esoteric oils, with an addition of at least 5% the shelf life is even further increased.


Fats have an important function in the body, for example as a carrier for the absorption of vitamins E and D. The characteristic of essential fatty acids is that they cannot be produced by the human body itself and must therefore be obtained from our diet. The most important essential fatty acids are linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid.

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