Aleppo hand soap

Aleppo soap is 100% natural and vegetable. Basic ingredients of Aleppo Soap are olive oil and bay berry oil. The latter has a very good effect on problem skin. Because Aleppo soap is made from natural products and chemical ingredients have been omitted, Aleppo is suitable for every skin type.

Aleppo Soap is a hard soap, based on natural ingredients. A very pure and pure product, in other words. Due to these pure ingredients, the soap can be tolerated very well by sensitive and easily irritated skin. The special properties and effects of the soap have been known for thousands of years, which is why the soap is still a favorite among the locals! Aleppo Soap contains ingredients that are completely natural and organic. Fair for the environment and fair for your body!

The basic ingredients of pure Aleppo Soap are natural olive oil, laurel oil, vegetable soda and water. No complicated synthetic ingredients, but that does not mean that the action of the soap is not powerful or effective. On the contrary! The olive oil and laurel oil ensure that the soap has a protective, caring, nourishing, cleansing and antibacterial effect. Due to the exceptionally high concentration of vegetable oils, Aleppo Soap is the only soap that floats in water.

The percentage of laurel oil in the Aleppo Soap determines the strength of the effect described above. The higher the percentage of laurel oil, the more powerful the soap. Very troubled skin will benefit from a soap with 40% laurel oil, but Aleppo Soap with 5% laurel oil also has an excellent effect on normal or slightly troubled skin. Take a good look at which soap suits your skin best.

The percentage of laurel oil in the Aleppo soap indicates the intensity of the soap. The higher the percentage, the stronger the effect of the bayberry oil. However, the percentage of laurel oil does not exceed 40%, in order to maintain the effectiveness and good cleansing properties of the olive oil contained. Do you use the soap daily? Then go for a slightly lower percentage and always try a small area of ​​the skin first.

Aleppo Soap with extra added ingredients can make the soap even more effective and pleasant. The added ingredients to these soaps from Aleppo each have a specific property with their own effective effect for troubled and sensitive skin. Discover for yourself which Scented Aleppo Soap suits you best in terms of effect and scent.

A bar of soap often lasts longer than a liquid soap. This is because you can always 'measure' the right amount of soap with a bar of soap. You can easily use too much liquid soap in the shower or bath. It slips from your hands and washes away, or you simply apply more than necessary to your skin. What is very important with a bar of soap is that you store it correctly. This way you keep the bar of soap good for longer and it also continues to look nicer and fresher.

Aleppo Soap is known for having a very long shelf life. Do you also want to ensure a long shelf life of the soap while you use the soap? Then make sure that you let the soap drain, dry and air thoroughly. You can easily achieve this by placing the soap on a partially open soap rack, so that air can also reach the bottom of the soap bar.

Rinse the soap well and carefully after use, so that any foam and dirt do not remain on the soap. Your soap will stay fresh and clean and will last longer.

The outside of Aleppo soap has a different color than the inside of the soap bar. You can see this if you cut the soap. This color difference occurs during the nine-month drying process of the soap after intensive production. The sunlight oxidizes the outside of the soap bar and gives it a yellow/brown color. The inside of Aleppo Soap remains olive green in color. This color difference has no influence on the effectiveness and quality of the soap and is therefore very normal.

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