Jojoba oil

JOJOBA OIL: good for face, skin and hair!

Jojoba oil is one of the most commonly used base oils for face, skin and hair care. You can use this pure and natural oil for every skin type, hair type and for your face. Jojoba Oil does not clog your pores and ensures soft and supple skin. Jojoba oil has a nourishing and protective effect on your hair and scalp. Because the jojoba product is actually a wax and not an oil , it resembles the natural grease that our hair produces. You can use jojoba as a serum or as a hair mask to keep your hair healthy and strong.
Another unique property of jojoba oil is that it dissolves sebum but does not dry out the skin. That is why people with oily skin can also benefit from jojoba oil as care and the oil is suitable for all skin types. Discover here what this versatile oil can do for your skin, face and hair!

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