Aleppo Soap

Olive oil is the basis of Aleppo soap , the famous soap from Syria together with laurel oil. Many natural care enthusiasts swear by this sulfate-free, plant-based soap. Aleppo soap is free from synthetic ingredients and has a pleasant, classic scent. The mild soap is suitable for young and old. You can use Aleppo soap to clean your skin, hair and beard, among other things. Aleppo soap comes in different forms: solid soap, liquid soap or aleppo shampoo. Our favorite is the Aleppo soap Najel . Najel makes the traditional aleppo soap in delicious scents, for different skin types. Discover here what benefits aleppo soap has and what you can use it for!

Aleppo Soap is the oldest soap in the world. Due to its versatility and qualities, Aleppo Soap is also called 'the king among soaps'. As the name suggests, the soap originally comes from the Syrian city of Aleppo. It has been produced there in a traditional way for thousands of years, and the ingredients and methods are still the same! A real classic. Aleppo Soap has cold-pressed organic olive oil and laurel oil as a base. To make soap, lye (sodium hydroxide) is used. Lye ensures that the soap gets its solid shape. The lye and oil are heated in such a way that they harden and 'saponify'. The Aleppo Soap is then poured into blocks. Each block is printed with the logo of the soap maker, for example Najel. Because Aleppo soap is so popular, liquid Aleppo Soap and Aleppo Soap shampoo are now also made. This is the same soap and just as mild, but liquid!


Aleppo Soap always contains olive oil and bay berry oil (laurel). The olive oil nourishes, while the laurel oil has a cleansing effect. The more laurel oil the Aleppo Soap contains, the more it will cleanse. People with oily skin benefit from a higher percentage of laurel oil in the soap. Other ingredients you may encounter in Aleppo Soap are:

  • honey
  • damascus rose
  • chamomile water
  • activated charcoal
  • jasmine
  • prickly pear oil
  • argan oil

These ingredients provide fragrance and extra care. You can also find Aleppo soap with jasmine under the name aleppo soap tadé, Najel sells all these fine variants. Aleppo Soap does not contain chemical additives, colorants or preservatives.

Whether you buy liquid Aleppo Soap or solid Aleppo Soap largely depends on your own preference. The two have the same basic ingredients. An advantage of the liquid Aleppo soap is that you can easily dose it. In addition, you don't need a separate spot or soap dish. The solid Aleppo Soap also has advantages. This way you can easily take the solid soap with you when you travel, and you can actually use it for everything: as a shower product, as toothpaste and as shaving soap. You can even wash your clothes with it! It is also possible to liquefy solid Aleppo Soap: for this you grate pieces of the solid soap, which you dissolve in boiling water.


Aleppo soap has olive oil and bay berry oil as a base. The olive oil nourishes your skin, while the laurel oil combats and soothes impurities. The higher the percentage of laurel oil, the stronger the soap cleans. Someone with dry or sensitive skin can best shower with a low percentage of laurel (0-5%). Someone with oily skin will benefit from a higher percentage of laurel oil, such as Aleppo Soap 20% or Aleppo Soap 40%. The more laurel oil Aleppo Soap contains, the more expensive the soap. You can use the soap for your skin in different ways, the best known being use in the shower or bath. You can also use the soap in these ways:

  • Shaving soap for men and women
  • Thorough cleaning of your face
  • Removing paint from the skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Then try an unscented aleppo soap first.


You can use Aleppo Soap to thoroughly clean your face. You will notice that your skin feels fresh and soft after cleaning with Aleppo Soap. Do you have a piece of solid Aleppo Soap? Then it is best to rub your bar of soap with a damp cotton pad. A small amount is enough for your face. Aleppo soap thoroughly removes all your make-up and pollution from outside. Keep in mind that Aleppo soap has the properties of a soap: it cleans thoroughly and has a degreasing effect. Daily use is therefore a bit too much for many skin types. A disadvantage of Aleppo Soap is that it can sting your eyes. It is better to use a different product to remove eye makeup.


A bar of soap as shampoo for your hair ? That may sound crazy, but you will be amazed by the results! To get beautiful, clean and shiny hair you really don't need shampoos with synthetic additives. Most shampoos contain harmful substances such as silicones, parabens and preservatives. These substances ensure, among other things, that the shampoo foams vigorously. That sounds nice, but it is actually very bad for your hair! Every time you wash your hair, a layer is formed around your hair. This seals the hair. It may seem like your hair looks healthy for a while, but over time your hair will become lifeless and damaged. Aleppo Soap is a natural product and therefore contains no chemical additives. It cleans and conditions your hair without damaging it. But what makes Aleppo Soap now a good alternative to a synthetic shampoo?


Olive oil cleanses the scalp and hair intensively. In addition, it also has a very nourishing effect. Your hair and scalp are hydrated and become healthy and fresh again. Your hair will feel wonderfully soft and smooth again after washing.


Bayberry oil has an antibacterial effect. Do you have a troubled scalp? The laurel oil in Aleppo Soap will then ensure that your scalp will relax again and will therefore be less irritated. It protects the skin against external influences, so your hair is not easily damaged. The disinfectant and caring effect of laurel oil makes your hair look healthy and fresh!


Aleppo Soap cleanses and cares for your scalp intensively. Since Aleppo Soap is a natural product, it does not contain any added foam enhancers and can therefore foam less. Your hair may also feel a bit stiffer during and just after washing. That may take some getting used to, but it is really healthier for your hair! Your hair has really become clean and will feel soft again shortly afterwards. As a natural conditioner, you can rinse with apple cider vinegar after washing. This ensures that the scalp is brought back into balance, any soap residue is removed and the hair gets a nice shine. Take 1 part vinegar to 8 parts water, let it work for 1 to 3 minutes and then rinse carefully with clean water. Would you rather not use a bar of soap to wash your hair? Then choose one of the special Aleppo shampoos for normal hair, dry hair or oily hair. These consist of almost 99% ingredients of natural origin.

Because aleppo soap contains no sulphates, you can safely wash your hair with it. Sulphates ensure that shower and hair products foam nicely, but they are not necessary for cleaning.

There are also some disadvantages to washing with solid Aleppo Soap and unfortunately the soap can cause your scalp to dry out and your hair to lose its natural protective layer. Aleppo Soap contains no chemical additives, but cleanses using laurel oil and other natural ingredients. The experience of Aleppo Soap enthusiasts is that pure Aleppo Soap cleans strongly, but can also make your hair a bit dry or stiff. The stiff feeling disappears as soon as your hair dries. You can make your hair softer with conditioner or apple cider vinegar. Please note that cleaning with soap is less suitable for some hair types. If you prefer a milder product, it is better to choose an aleppo soap shampoo. This has the same benefits for your hair as the solid soap (sulphate-free, olive oil), but is milder and immediately makes your hair easier to comb.

Najel has a very nice Aleppo Soap Shampoo. You can choose between shampoo for normal, dry and oily hair. Also take a look at the hair mask that Najel has just added to the range.


You can use Aleppo Soap for your beard in two ways: as a beard and face wash and as a shaving foam! The longer your beard gets, the more care it needs. Aleppo Soap cleans your beard and face thoroughly, without aggressive ingredients. Important, because impurities can form more easily on the skin under your beard as the hair grows longer. You can also use Aleppo Soap as a shaving foam: apply some Aleppo soap with your shaving brush and shave. After shaving, rinse your skin as you normally would. Najel castor oil is very nice to apply after shaving to soften the skin.


Did you know that you can remove stains with Aleppo Soap? For this you need pure, 100% olive oil aleppo soap. Moisten the textile with lukewarm water and rub it with the soap. Let the soap sit for fifteen minutes, or for stubborn stains for several hours. Then rinse your garment or put it in the washing machine as you normally would. This is a handy solution if you don't like chemical stain removers, or for when traveling. Nice to know: you can also use aleppo soap to gently remove paint residue on your skin!

Quality Aleppo Soap
Aleppo Soap has many special properties. It is an effective and unique soap, provided it is real Aleppo soap. Only then can you be assured that it is a pure soap with only natural ingredients that has a positive influence on the skin and hair. The quality and effect of Aleppo Soap depends on the ingredients. If non-natural ingredients have been added, the beneficial power of the soap will be lost. The positive effect of Aleppo Soap lies in the exclusively natural ingredients. The skin is thus not affected by chemical additives and can be gently cleansed and cared for.

Real Aleppo soap comes from Syria and is handmade in an authentic way. The most important ingredients, olive oil and bay berry oil, are pressed from the olives and berries of trees and shrubs. The olive oil used comes from cold pressing, which ensures that as many beneficial properties as possible are retained. This is in contrast to multiple hot pressings, which causes beneficial effects to disappear.
With real Aleppo Soap, only natural ingredients are used and no chemical additives are added. So pay close attention to the ingredients and composition when you buy Aleppo soap. Save your skin and choose the real, natural Aleppo soap that is available in our webshop.

Aleppo soap originally comes from Aleppo, Syria. This soap has been made here for more than 3,000 years, based on olive oil and bay berry oil. The manufacturer of our Aleppo soap still adheres to the traditional methods of manufacturing the soap. These methods respect the environment and are derived from the beauty treatments of Eastern women in ancient times.


Aleppo Soap is suitable for men and women, young and old. At MySupernaturals you will find a beautiful collection of aleppo soap from our favorite French/Syrian brand Najel. You can choose from different percentages of laurel oil and delicious scents. You will find both solid and liquid aleppo soaps in the Najel range. You can also choose from various Aleppo shampoo variants for every hair type. Aleppo Soap is very versatile for skin, hair and beard. Quickly discover this natural soap, with which you can even remove stains from clothes!

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