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In the natural care section of our online shop you will find products with honest, healthy ingredients. Our products are of high quality and contain few or no unnecessary substances such as parabens and foaming agents. Natural care sticks to the basics: caring for your skin, hair or body without adding chemicals. Your skin and hair will be happy with it, because natural products are full of vitamins and moisturizing ingredients. If you are (over) sensitive to ingredients such as preservatives or perfume, you can easily find a suitable product in our natural care range. Well-known ingredients in our natural care are shea butter, argan oil and castor oil .


On MySupernaturals you will find many well-known natural care brands, your favorite is certainly among them. We offer natural facial care, hair care and body care. We stock natural care products from brands such as Sunny Isle, Najel, Bionoble and Shea Moisture. Natural care brands do not have lengthy lists of 'complicated' ingredients on the packaging. In addition, the ingredients are listed for each product; This way you always know what you are using for your skin and hair. Discover at Supernaturals what natural cosmetics can do for you!

Top 10 Popular Ingredients:


Acai is probably one of the most popular on the list of superfoods. You have probably seen a purple smoothie bowl on Instagram or Facebook. Yet this berry has more in store than just good looks. What exactly is açaí? Found on açaí palm trees in South American rainforests, açaí berries look a lot like grapes. The acai berry consists of about 80% stone, but the flesh and peel contain more than enough vitamins and other nutrients. Moreover, they are wonderfully low in calories.
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Acerola poeder kopen


Acerola cherry is a plant found in the tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere. This shrubby plant produces cherry-like berries, but it is not a true cherry. The acerola berries have a pleasant taste and are best known for being extremely rich in vitamin C. That is why it is often used to support resistance and as an antioxidant nutrient. You can obtain it in tablets but also as a powder: handy for your smoothie or bowl of yogurt!
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African Black Soap kopen


African Black Soap (dudu osun) is a handmade soap that originates in Africa. It has been made for centuries according to a traditional recipe with, among other things, shea butter, banana leaves and cocoa bean shells. The soap also contains ash residues that have a cleaning effect. The soap really smells like soap from the past and gently cleanses the skin. Many people with troubled skin benefit from regular use of African Black Soap.
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Arganolie noten


Argan oil is a very fine, rich oil that has long been seen as liquid gold for hair and skin. The oil comes from Morocco and comes from the fruit of the argan tree. The oil has been used there by Berber women for centuries. It contains a high percentage of antioxidants that protect and hydrate the skin and hair. Use it as a hair mask, for some extra shine in your hair or as a serum after your day cream.
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The gold standard among oils is jojoba oil. Who doesn't know it? Can be used for all skin types and is an all-rounder. It does not clog the skin and is therefore very popular as a skin oil, also for oily skin. But it is also ideal for mixing other oils such as castor oil for the OCM method or as a hair mask. Or how about oil for hands and nails? Use it instead of a hand cream (immediately after washing and drying) and your hands have never been so soft!
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Coconut oil


The popularity of coconut oil has taken off in recent years. Not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. And the nice thing is: it is one and the same oil. Many athletes and conscious eaters use coconut oil pure or for cooking because of the good fats and because it remains intact when heated. But it also has many applications for hair and skin. For example, use it as a mask, as a lip balm or as a shaving gel. The applications are endless!
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Manuka Honey is a special honey made by bees that only get their nectar from the Manuka flower. Remote areas are cordoned off to make the purest honey. The extent to which the bioactive substance that makes the honey so special is present is measured by the MGO content. A quality mark that is of great importance when you make a choice. We have honey that contains 100 milligrams to 550 milligrams of methylglyoxal per kilo.
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Black Seeds


Nigella Sativa, also known as black cumin, black seed or black cumin. They come from the Nigella Sativa: a small plant with light purple, blue or white flowers that mainly grows in Eastern Europe, Western Asia and the Middle East. People have used the tiny black seeds as a natural remedy for thousands of years. The seeds can also flavor curries, pickles and breads in a similar way to cumin or oregano. The oil from the seeds is used both cosmetically and culinary, but is especially popular in the Netherlands as a nutritional supplement.
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Many natural care enthusiasts swear by it Aleppo soap . It is incredibly versatile, good for nature and gentle on skin and hair. The sulfate-free, vegetable soap is free from synthetic ingredients and still has that old-fashioned soap scent. It is therefore made in a traditional way. As the name suggests, the name comes from Syria and many of the solid soaps are still made there. In the factories, the mixture is spread over floors and the soap is cut and stamped with hands and feet. Use Aleppo soap to cleanse the skin, wash your hair or wash your clothes. Ideal for on holiday!
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Shea butter noten


One of our most beloved ingredients is African shea butter. You can buy shea butter for both your skin and hair to give them a boost. It deeply nourishes your skin and strengthens your skin. Shea butter also stimulates the production of collagen, which keeps your skin looking young for longer. It is ideal as body care or as a DIY scrub. You can buy shea butter separately, or enjoy it as an ingredient in many of our skin and hair care products. Consider, for example, Shea Moisture products where Shea butter is the solid ingredient.
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