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Fortunately, since the natural hair movement, more and more women are wearing their hair naturally. However, this does not mean that this hair does not require work, on the contrary, and is probably the most fragile and manageable hair type. It is naturally drier and if you want to grow it, it takes many times longer because the hair curls so strongly. Are you someone who wants to take on this challenge? Then you've come to the right place. Read below how you can best use one of the most used oils in the natural hair community.


Hair that is naturally very dry is extremely fragile. So if you want to grow your hair, you should do everything you can to prevent it. The most important tip we can give is to always use a conditioner after washing and an intensive mask, also called deep conditioner, two to three times a week. In addition, there are also leave-in conditioners that you can apply alone or in combination with other styling products for extra hydration. Extra tip: only brush your hair with conditioner in your hair for more 'slip' and therefore less hair breakage.


The scalp massage is the most well-known treatment with castor oil because it prevents a dry scalp, cleanses the scalp, and the movement also stimulates the skin. So double profit. Use Pure castor oil or a mix of different (essential) oils for this. Because castor oil is naturally thicker (similar to liquid honey), it is often mixed with, for example, jojoba oil, coconut oil or argan oil. Essential oils can make it smell wonderful and each have their own specific effect. Apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips and massage the oil into the scalp. You can leave the oil on for 15 minutes, a few hours or overnight. You can repeat it every night before going to sleep, or use it two/three times a week.


For a mask with pure castor oil, you proceed in much the same way as for a head massage, but then apply the oil to the entire hair. If necessary, use a heat cap, warm towel or cling film to let the castor oil do its job extra well. The towel method works like this: wet your towel with warm water and wring it out. Wrap around your head and repeat when your towel has cooled. The heat method is also highly recommended in combination with other masks and conditioners.


A pre-poo is using oil in your hair before a wash. It puts a protective layer over your hair, as it were, so that your hair absorbs less water (quickly) and the hair cuticles rise less. This is good for two reasons: the hair swells and shrinks less and the hair is less vulnerable during washing. In addition, the hair is slightly easier to comb and dries out less quickly. Always use a good cleansing sulfate-free shampoo.


Always use a sulfate-free shampoo such as the more moisturizing shampoos from Tropical Isle Living and Sunny Island or the lighter shampoo from SheaMoisture . Always use a conditioner without silecones and, if necessary, let it soak in a little longer for extra hydration. You can also wash your hair with conditioner only (co-wash). In all cases, we recommend using a cleansing shampoo once in a while to rid your hair of residue. Shea Moisture's JBCO is very suitable for this.


Castorolie voor kroeshaar


If your hair still feels dry after a conditioner, you can opt for a cream, lotion or leave-in conditioner as pre-styling. You can also experiment by using a small amount of castor oil, castor oil mix or serum over your cream, lotion or leave-in. You thus lock in the hydration, as it were, so that it retains moisture better, but is also better protected against moisture loss. Moreover, it gives extra shine!


Do you want beautifully defined curls and less frizz? Then a good gel is a must. To do this, apply the gel to very wet hair by ironing from bottom to top for a long time. If necessary, divide the hair into sections for optimal effect and try out different amounts to see what works best for you. Knead out excess water with an old t-shirt or microfiber cloth, then allow to dry completely, repeat, completely to prevent lint. Then knead the hardened curls into soft bouncy curls!


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