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Many positive properties have been attributed to argan oil for decades. The effectiveness of the unique properties is highly dependent on the quality of the argan oil. The origin, processing method and method of pressing the argan seeds determine the final quality of the argan oil. Cosmetic argan oil that is produced in a traditional way should be made from unroasted argan seeds.

Argan oil is unfortunately often diluted with other (cheaper) oils. Due to the intensive and manual manufacturing process, the oil is relatively expensive. Cheap argan oil can never be an original product from Morocco that has been produced according to the authentic composition. High-quality 'real' argan oil has its price.


Argan oil must be concentrated and pure. The quality differences between argan oil suppliers are remarkable. With cheap suppliers you run the risk of buying diluted or diluted argan oil. Please note that the argan oil comes directly from Morocco; the Argan trees grow exclusively in Morocco! The oil is preferably provided with the organic Eco certificate. Ask your supplier about it; With this certificate you are certain of the origin of the argan oil.


You may wonder why argan oil is made exclusively in Morocco? The answer is as obvious as it is simple: the argan tree from which the oil comes only grows in the naturally dry soil of Morocco. Many attempts have been made to grow the tree outside Morocco, but without success. For this reason , pure argan oil is only made in Morocco.


At MySupernaturals we only sell argan oil that is made by a manufacturer that is Eco certified. This oil is imported directly from the producer and comes from a small-scale cooperative led by women in the southwest of Morocco. Origin and traditional preparation assured!


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