Aleppo soap - for your hair

Aleppo Soap not only has a good effect on your skin, but is also an excellent care product for your hair. The specially added ingredients in the Aleppo Shampoos each have a specific effect on your hair and scalp aleppo soap contains no sulphates, you can safely wash your hair with it. Sulphates ensure that shower and hair products foam nicely, but they are not necessary for cleaning.

There are also some disadvantages to washing with solid Aleppo Soap and unfortunately the soap can cause your scalp to dry out and your hair to lose its natural protective layer. Aleppo Soap contains no chemical additives, but cleanses using laurel oil and other natural ingredients. The experience of Aleppo Soap enthusiasts is that pure Aleppo Soap cleans strongly, but can also make your hair a bit dry or stiff. The stiff feeling disappears as soon as your hair dries. You can make your hair softer with conditioner or apple cider vinegar. Please note that cleaning with soap is less suitable for some hair types. If you prefer a milder product, it is better to choose an aleppo soap shampoo . This has the same benefits for your hair as the solid soap (sulphate-free, olive oil), but is milder and immediately makes your hair easier to comb.

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