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Aleppo soap can be used for many different purposes. First of all, your skin and hair will benefit greatly from using Aleppo. But did you know that you can also use Aleppo Soap for your teeth and the household?


Aleppo Soap can also be used for your teeth. It is a completely different way of brushing, but provides a stunning result! Using Aleppo soap when brushing your teeth is very simple; rub a block with your toothbrush a few times Aleppo soap (make a separate block for brushing your teeth) and brush as you would with normal toothpaste. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and clean your toothbrush carefully to rinse away any remaining soap residue. It may taste and feel strange the first few times, but try to persevere. It will make your teeth really nice and clean and shiny and your gums will no longer become inflamed. You will soon discover the benefits of this natural way of brushing your teeth. Are you unsure whether this is a good way to brush your teeth? Then consult with your dentist.


Are you often annoyed by all the stains you find in your clothes? Here too, Aleppo Soap can sometimes come up with a surprise! In the laundry, in the kitchen or bathroom, as a light disinfectant or to combat insects? Aleppo soap helps you solve household problems as best as possible.

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