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The use of skin oil can have several benefits for the skin. For example, skin oil can help hydrate the skin. It forms a barrier on the surface of the skin, trapping moisture in the skin. This can be especially helpful for people with dry skin. Skin oil can soften and smooth the skin. It can help reduce roughness, flaking and dull skin texture. Some skin oils, such as argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil, contain nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. They may contain antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that can improve skin condition.

Skin oil for massages
Skin oil is often used during massages. It helps to reduce friction between the masseur's hands and the skin, facilitating a smooth and relaxing massage.

When using skin oil, it is important to take your skin type into account. Some oils can be comedogenic and clog pores, leading to breakouts and acne in people with oily skin. It is also important to choose high quality oils and to do a patch test to avoid any allergic reactions.


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