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The Shea Moisture brand has a special history of more than 100 years and has grown into a luxurious, but accessible brand that is used all over the world. As the name suggests, shea butter is a recurring element, but Shea Moisture also uses a number of other ingredients that have been proven to have a strong conditioning effect. Some ingredients of the brand have their own line of products that you can combine for a good result. Shea Moisture respects people and nature and uses vegetable oils as much as possible.


Shea Moisture's 'grandmother' is Sofi Tucker from Sierra Leone. The woman was the mother of four children and, sadly enough, she was already widowed at the age of nineteen. The strong Sofi did not give up and focused on the sale of Shea Butter and African Black Soap. With that, she was on the market in the Bonthe district from the year 1912. Sofi Tukker developed her own natural cosmetics products with, among other things, the Shea Butter and African Black Soap. She had a talent for this, and her natural cosmetics first conquered Sierra Leone and then the whole world. After the death of Sofi Tucker, Shea Moisture was successfully continued. The memory of the founder is still honored.


Shea Moisture stands for high-quality personal care that is accessible to everyone. And while the ingredients of Shea Moisture are not new, they are used in a modern way for contemporary products. In addition, the brand stands for caressing your skin, hair and your senses through carefully selected ingredients and scents. The brand sources its ingredients from all over the world. We have carefully researched which ingredients best fit together for the desired result. The great thing about Shea Moisture is that the brand donates 10% of the profit to The Sofi Tucker foundation, a foundation that supports companies in Africa and is committed to empowering women. In addition, the brand is committed to better infrastructure, fair prices and good working conditions for companies that deal with its ingredients and products.


Shea Moisture has built up years of experience when it comes to powerful, natural ingredients. Shea butter, African Black soap, argan oil, coconut oil, avocado butter, jojoba oil and hibiscus, among others, each have their qualities to soften and strengthen skin and hair. For example, jojoba oil and shea butter are known to penetrate deep into skin and hair for extra good hydration. Shea Moisture has put together many different collections based on ingredients. One of the brand's best-known lines is Coconut & Hibiscus, which offers a solution for dry skin and curly hair. Other well-known lines are Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Raw Shea and Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor oil. Per line you can find care and cleaning for hair, bath, body and face.


Shea Moisture products have been developed for men and women, young and old, and for every skin and hair type. Due to the use of natural, soothing ingredients, Shea Moisture is a suitable brand for sensitive or dry skin. It also gives particularly good results for damaged or frizzy hair. In the meantime, Shea Moisture also has a few 'classics' to its name, including, for example, the product Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which is a great success worldwide for the care of curly hair. And the Shea Moisture products from the famous Jamaican Black Castor Oil collection give brilliant results for damaged or brittle hair.

Each Shea Moisture line has its own scent and they are known for the fact that each product smells nice.


Shea Moisture is a transparent brand that likes to provide a lot of information about its products. When buying, you can see exactly which ingredients each product contains and exactly what they do for you. You will probably find that the list of ingredients used in Shea Moisture products is not as long as many other products such as shower gel and shampoo. The limited number of ingredients is also useful for those who want to buy Shea Moisture and suffer from allergies. You can quickly see what's inside! View the entire range of Shea Moisture here.

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