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The story behind our Nigella Sativa oil , organic Aloe Vera juice and all other natural products from Amazonas starts with Helga Zeck-Weitz, founder and owner of Amazonas. This ambitious sporty lady not only completed a university sports study in Bavaria, Munich. She was also a qualified surf and dive instructor, pursued a career as an alpine ski racer and also studied business economics at home. After all this hard work, she traveled through South America for six months and this is where the idea for Amazonas was actually born. After a long time in the Brazilian rainforest, she was completely fascinated by the wild nature.

Back in Germany in 1990, she founded AMAZONAS and was the first supplier of Guarana in Germany. AMAZONAS is now recognized worldwide as a specialist for natural products. All products meet required quality standards and are checked by internationally recognized laboratories with regard to the microbiological structure and heavy metal content or special values ​​of the food. Since 2005, Amazonas has had the BIO certification label and distributes organically grown products such as Nigella Sativa oil, Acerola, Maca powder and Aloe Vera Juice.

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