Castor oil - for your hair

This special oil is naturally good for the hair: it contains Omega 9 fats which are essential for the care of your hair. We offer an extensive selection of hair care products based on Jamaican Castor Oil ( JBCO ) . Try the different hair oils with additives in combination with Castor Oil Shampoo or Conditioner. Do you want to take care of your curls? Then take a look at the Anti-Klit Cream Wash based on Castor Oil!

Castor oil contains Omega 9 fats. This gives the castor oil a nourishing property and ensures that dry or frizzy hair looks healthy and shines again. Because the essential fatty acids nourish the hair from the root, many people experience that castor oil stimulates the hair, making it fuller. For example, you can massage the castor oil into the scalp a few times a week and let it soak in overnight. This way you stimulate blood circulation. Leave the oil on all night and wash your hair the next morning with your favorite Castor Shampoo.

Castor oil moisturizes dry hair and scalp. It makes your hair more shiny and smooth and helps repair split ends. It also helps strengthen brittle and damaged hair fibers. Castor oil stimulates blood circulation in your scalp, which also stimulates hair growth. Colored or chemically treated hair or hair that is regularly blow-dried and restyled is protected by the use of castor oil.

Try a Hot Oil Treatment with castor oil and be surprised by the stunning results. Finally, castor oil is also very suitable for caring for your eyebrows and eyelashes. Castor oil is also indispensable for men when caring for their beard or mustache.


People with frizzy or extremely dry hair will prefer Jamaican black castor oil use, due to the high ash content in this oil. This means that the oil is thicker than most other hair care oils, such as argan oil. According to some, a thicker oil would form a better layer around the hair, making the hair look neater and give it more volume.

Jamaican black castor oil has a higher pH value and is therefore more acidic. This is due to the ash mixed in the oil. Ideal for those who need a hair care product with a purifying effect or for people with (very) curly hair. These target groups naturally have a scalp with a higher pH value. In addition, the high pH value also helps to open the pores of the scalp, so that they can be deeply cleansed and hydrated. This is unlike most conditioners that seal everything properly. Clean hair follicles mean the best possible hair growth. Castor oil is used for:

  • Moisturizing dry hair and scalp.
  • Making the hair more shiny and smooth.
  • Supporting the repair of split ends and helping to strengthen brittle and damaged hair fibers.
  • Stimulating blood circulation and hair growth by massaging the oil on the scalp and hair roots.
  • Softening and helping to thicken eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Protecting colored or chemically treated hair, regularly blow-dried and restyled hair.
  • Grooming beard or mustache.

Shampoos and conditioners containing castor oil can be used regularly to maintain strong, shiny and well-flowing hair, but the oil can also be used neat in towel-dried hair as a moisturizing mask. To allow castor oil to work as best as possible, massage it directly onto the scalp two to three times a week.


Castor oil naturally contains good Omega 9 fats. To make optimal use of this, it is best to massage the oil thoroughly and allow it to be absorbed thoroughly. By massaging it in you stimulate blood circulation and it can be absorbed even better. Then leave the Castor oil on for a few hours or do it before going to bed and wash it off the next morning with Castor Shampoo.

  • Apply the Castor Oil to the scalp and distribute through the rest of the hair.
  • Massage the oil into your wet hair and scalp.
  • Let it work for at least an hour and, if necessary, use a warm towel or heat cap to let the oil do its work extra well.
  • Wash your hair as usual with Castor Shampoo.

This simple mask will make your hair less dry, stimulate hair growth and help relieve the scalp. Do not use the oil as a mask every day, but once or twice a week. You can rub a little oil between your hands every day and gently distribute it over your hair. For healthy-looking ends, you can use just a little more in the ends of your hair.

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