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Sunny Isle products transport you to Jamaica, where authentic black castor oil comes from. Your hair will thank you for it, because Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) provides intensive nourishment and shine. Sunny Isle has various products based on JBCO: from pure oil to shampoo and hair styling. The brand's products are known for their powerful effect on the hair. Sunny Isle is particularly popular with people with curly and frizzy hair, but has benefits for every hair type.


Sunny Isle JBCO is a real beautifier for your hair and eyebrows. The oil is grown and processed in Jamaica itself, where the castor plant (also known as the castor tree) grows to its heart's content. For Sunny Isle JBCO, the castor beans are roasted the 'old-fashioned way'. Then they are boiled to extract the oil. This is a typical Jamaican procedure. The population is rightly proud of the famous oil for hair and skin. By purchasing Sunny Isle products you stimulate the local economy, where the oil is grown and processed in a fair manner.


Did you know that Sunny Isle is the only JBCO brand that is allowed to be exported by the Jamaican government? People worldwide are now enjoying the special effect of Sunny Isle products. Unique to Sunny Isle is that the castor beans for this brand are roasted longer than for other JBCO brands. This creates extra ash in the oil, increasing its effectiveness for your hair. Sunny Isle products are free of parabens, sulphates and synthetic perfumes. Only essential oils are used for the wonderfully fresh scents. In the Sunny Isle collection you can find safe and effective care for your hair and your skin.


Sunny Isle JBCO is known as a deeply nourishing hair oil. That makes it particularly suitable for curly hair and frizzy hair. It is often difficult to find effective care, especially for frizzy hair. This is due to the curved strands of frizzy hair, which makes it more difficult to nourish each hair from root to tip.

Jamaican black castor oil hydrates the entire hair strand and coats the hair. This way your hair is protected and shines beautifully. Sunny Isle JBCO is also very suitable for repairing damaged or dry hair. The deep nourishment and protection of black castor oil ensure that your hair shines again and is less likely to break. Another power of JBCO is that it can moisturize dry scalp. If your scalp is in good condition, your hair will also look better and grow more easily. You can also use Sunny Isle JBCO for stronger eyelashes and beautiful eyebrows. Apply the oil daily with a cotton swab.


Did you know that Sunny Isle JBCO is also suitable for skin care? Apply the oil as a day or night care or use it to cleanse your skin. Cleaning with a vegetable oil is called 'oil cleansing'. Oil cleansing with Sunny Isle JBCO is very effective at removing makeup and impurities. For oil cleansing, use one part JBCO and four parts of a moisturizing base oil, such as argan oil or jojoba oil. The JBCO cleans your face, while the base oil provides care. Sunny Isle recommends always using unscented JBCO oil for your face, eyebrows and eyelashes.


At MySupernaturals you will find a nice range of Sunny Isle JBCO products with which you can care for your hair, eyebrows and skin. Wash your hair with the nourishing Sunny Isle shampoo, or style it with one of the nourishing styling products. You will also find pure JBCO from Sunny Isle with us. The products are all sustainable in use and suitable for young and old, men and women. You immediately recognize them by the sunny logo. Sunny Isle takes you on a journey and you return with well-groomed, shiny locks!

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