Skin/Scrubs & Peeling


In addition to cleaning your skin, a body scrub is important to keep the skin soft and supple. With a body scrub you remove the dead skin cells, so that your skin feels extra smooth again. Your skin then absorbs care products extra well. A body scrub is pleasant for your skin and stimulates blood circulation. Gently massage the body scrub and feel how your skin is extra smooth after rinsing. For top care you can then rub yourself with, for example , argan oil . You will notice that your skin is still soft for a few days afterwards.

The skin naturally renews itself with a cycle of about 28 days where our cells go through different stages to eventually die and be evacuated by sweat and sebum. Thus they make way for new cells, all beautiful, all new.

Exfoliating well once a week will help your body remove dead skin cells more easily.

It is ideal for:
• Ensure an even skin texture and soft skin
• Moisturizing becomes easier, the skin absorbs the oil, lotion or cream better
• Avoid ingrown hairs after shaving or waxing
• Provide an even color

The frequency of exfoliation and the type of exfoliation should be adjusted according to the sensitivity of the skin.

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