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Don't you have straight hair, but also no real curl? Then you are blessed with the so-called 'beach hair' or 'waves'. That's actually the best of both worlds: your hair is a lot easier to treat than straight hair and yet it's reasonably strong and shiny. However, that doesn't mean you can't get it damaged or that you don't have to do anything for it. Below you can read how castor oil best for your type of hair and all the products you can use for that.


Just like with straight hair, you don't want your hair to be too greasy or too heavy. Therefore, treat your hair 2 to 3 times a week before washing it. This can be done fifteen minutes before washing up to a whole night before washing.


The scalp massage is probably the most well-known treatment with castor oil because the movement also stimulates the skin. So double profit. Use Pure castor oil or a mix of different oils for this. Because castor oil is naturally somewhat thicker (similar to liquid honey), it is often mixed with a other oil such as jojoba oil, coconut oil or argan oil. Apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips and massage the oil into the scalp. Repeat for the entire head. You can leave the oil on for 15 minutes, a few hours or overnight before washing with a sulfate-free shampoo. Repeat washing if necessary.


For a mask with pure castor oil, you proceed in much the same way as for a head massage, but then apply the oil to the entire hair. Could your hair use some extra care? Then try one of the masks with castor oil.


A pre-poo is using oil in your hair before a wash. It puts a protective layer over your hair, as it were, so that your hair absorbs less water (quickly) and the hair cuticles rise less. This is good for two reasons: the hair swells and shrinks less and the hair is less vulnerable during washing. In addition, the hair is slightly easier to comb and dries out less quickly. Always use a good cleansing sulfate-free shampoo.


Use a good cleansing shampoo that does not aggravate too much, such as the JBCO Shampoo SheaMoisture . Is your hair damaged or very dry? Then use a light conditioner without silecones and, if necessary, let it soak in a little longer for extra hydration.



Do you especially want more waves or curls in your hair? Then a good gel is a must. Your hair really needs an extra helping hand to keep it from sagging while drying. To do this, apply the gel to wet (less fluff but also less volume) or towel-dried hair by ironing from bottom to top. Be careful with the amount of gel so that it does not become too heavy. If necessary, divide the hair into parts for optimal effect. Then thoroughly knead the curls in your hair. If your hair is very wet, you can use an old t-shirt or microfiber cloth. Then let it dry completely, repeat, completely. Use a diffuser if necessary. Note: do not knead your hair in the meantime to prevent fluff! Your hair should then be a bit hard. Then knead your hair until your hair is soft again. Result: wavy and bouncy locks!


If your hair still feels dry after a conditioner, you can opt for a lotion or a leave-in conditioner for styling. Also make sure that you use little of it so that it does not become too heavy. Follow the same steps as above.


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