Effective and respectful for your hair: natural shampoo ensures that your hair looks healthy. The ingredients in our natural shampoo penetrate deep into your hair and ensure a beautiful head of hair. Many of our natural shampoos are especially suitable for hair that could use a boost, such as dry, oily or damaged hair. Normal hair also benefits from a shampoo with natural ingredients, because they moisturize and protect the hair with every wash. This keeps the hair looking nicer. You will see that every hair type gets a boost from natural shampoo.

Most shampoos contain harmful substances such as silicones, parabens and preservatives. These substances, among other things, ensure that the shampoo foams considerably. That sounds nice, but is actually very bad for your hair! Every time you wash your hair, a layer is formed around your hair.

This closes the hair. It may seem like your hair looks healthy for a while, but over time your hair will become lifeless and damaged. Aleppo Soap is a natural product and therefore contains no chemical additives. It cleans and cares for your hair without damaging it. But what makes Aleppo Soap a good alternative to a synthetic shampoo?

Shampoo with aleppo soap

The extra ingredients added to the Aleppo Shampoos each have a special effect on your hair and scalp. This gives dry and brittle hair a boost after using the Shampoo Aleppo for Dry Hair . Oily hair is counteracted by the effective ingredients in the Aleppo Shampoo for Oily Hair . Are you looking for a mild shampoo that is suitable for the whole family? Then try the Aleppo Shampoo for Normal Hair . Healthy hair and a healthy scalp with Aleppo Shampoo!


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