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Nov 08, 2023Marieke Bergsma

Every month, the product 'Argan oil' is searched for approximately 10,000 times on the internet, and that is in the Netherlands alone. There is no arguing about the popularity of this natural wonder drug. Yet for many people it is still a new product, the benefits of which are not always clear. Moreover, the application is also very diverse. The oil can be used cosmetically, for your hair and skin, but also culinary. Below we briefly discuss the benefits of the cosmetic applications of 'Morrocan Oil' for your skin and hair.

argan olie voor huid en haar


Research has shown that Argan Oil contains exceptional amounts of vitamin E. Vitamin is a natural antioxidant that helps in the fight against wrinkles and skin aging. The oil is actually the natural variant of the cosmetic anti-age creams that often contain many artificial and chemical ingredients. The Argan Oil is also moisturizing and naturally balances the moisture balance of your skin.

Use: For your skin you can use the oil in a day cream or night cream or you can use the pure oil. By using the oil immediately after washing, it is deeply absorbed the skin , so your skin does not feel greasy.


Like any other battle, not only a good strategic attack is important; a good defense is just as important! To really get the most out of your hair and skin, it is not only important to take good care of your skin and hair, but also to protect it against all the harmful influences that you have to deal with on a daily basis.

The active ingredients in Argan Oil such as vitamin E, linoleic acid and oleic acid (Omega 4) protect your skin and hair against influences such as heat, cold, wind and sun, but also when using the hair dryer. In addition, Argan oil helps in the fight against brittle nails, bad skin and hair loss.

Use: offer your skin and hair the necessary protection by simply pure Argan oil or by using products with Argan oil as an additive. Use hands & nails: prevent brittle nails by massaging your hands and cuticles with pure Argan oil once or twice a day, after washing.


Due to a significant concentration of essential fatty acids, the oil also has a therapeutic property. The fatty acids have a restorative effect on the hair by nourishing your hair from the root. In this way it helps repair and prevent split ends. The high vitamin E content contributes to the process of cell renewal, helping the skin to recover. Argan Oil can therefore help reduce the visibility of scars and blemishes.

Use hair: use the oil at night as hair mask or use it during the day in the ends of your hair or in your hair shampoo . Use skin: use the oil at night and during the day to stimulate cell renewal as much as possible.

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