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Natural oils are perfect for moisturizing and nourishing your face, that's all your skin needs to glow. The natural oils of Bionoble and Najel are extremely suitable for this.

Why hydrate?
• Avoid a dull complexion: with a lack of hydration, the cells of the epidermis tend to whiten and give a grayish complexion.
• Maintain a smooth appearance: dehydrated skin has fine lines and loses its firmness.
• Slow down cellular aging.
• Skin that is not hydrated loses its suppleness and feels tight. Redness may appear.

Why feed
• Maintain skin hydration: fatty substances prevent water from "evaporating" from the skin.
• Provide essential fatty acids: for beautiful, soft skin with fewer imperfections.
• Protect against external aggressions by forming a protective barrier: wind, sun, cold and pollution affect the skin daily and can make it very sensitive.

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