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Manuka honey comes from bees that only visit the Manuka bush for nectar. This shrub (Leptospermum Scoparium) occurs in New Zealand. Here the beehives are placed in the most remote areas to produce pure Manuka honey. You can see the Manuka shrub as a large shrub or small tree: it grows to an average height of 2 to 5 meters, but larger specimens are also found. The tree has white or pink flowers and is also called 'tea tree'. Real Manuka honey is dark in color and tastes sweet like other honey, but also contains a subtle spicy aroma. With its subtle herbal taste, manuka honey distinguishes itself from other types of honey.


Manuka honey is unique because of its large amount of the substance methylglyoxal. Methylglyoxal is a substance called bioactive. Bioactive means that a substance has a proven beneficial effect on your health. The substance provides some support in combating bacteria, for example. In this way it has a cleansing effect on your body and your skin. Eating Manuka honey can help in this way during a busy period when your resistance is a bit lower. In addition, honey helps very well in calming and hydrating troubled skin. Because Manuka honey contains a high level of bioactive substances, it can fight impurities more strongly than other types of honey.


MGO stands for the content of the substance methylglyoxal in Manuka honey. Every honey contains this bioactive substance, but no honey contains such a high percentage as Manuka honey. The presence of methylglyoxal varies per honey production. The more bioactive substances, the more valuable the honey becomes. MGO indicates how many milligrams of methylglyoxal the honey contains at least per kilogram. For example, Manuka honey MGO 100 + must contain at least 100 milligrams of methylglyoxal per kilo. Other MGO values ​​that you often encounter are:

To determine the MGO value of a particular batch of honey, it is checked in laboratories for the presence of bioactive substances. The quality mark of the Manuka honey guarantees that this has actually been done and what the MGO value is.


Manuka honey is relatively rare. This makes it pricey compared to other honey. To be sure that you are buying pure Manuka honey, it is smart to look for the hexagonal MGO quality mark. This quality mark guarantees pure, monofloral Manuka honey and indicates the MGO value. The quality mark also indicates that Manuka honey has been scientifically investigated to determine exactly what the MGO value is. 'Monofloral' means that the honey comes from a single bush. In this case it is the Manuka shrub. By paying attention to the quality mark, you can be sure that you are making a good purchase. Another quality mark by which you can recognize pure manuka honey is the black 'New Zealand Made' logo. That means you are buying the authentic New Zealand product!


Manuka honey has a great taste. You will soon taste that the honey is a bit spicier than other types. It is a very refined aroma! You can use Manuka honey in your meal in different ways:

  • addition to your yoghurt, cottage cheese, muesli or smoothie
  • seasoning for different dishes
  • natural sweetener for homemade pastries
  • sweetener for your tea
  • support during sore throat
  • Eating straight from the spoon for great taste

The high content of bioactive substances in Manuka honey can give you some extra support during busy periods. Keep in mind that the MGO value of the honey is lost as soon as you heat it strongly.

If you want to benefit from the bioactive substances, it is best to process the honey in a cold dish, or simply eat it alone.


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