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Living Nature comes all the way from New Zealand but is being discovered by more and more beauty lovers. The brand uses special natural ingredients and has proven its help with different skin types. What makes this New Zealand care brand unique is that it was developed by an experienced beautician with an eye for nature. The result is effective, cruelty-free cosmetics without synthetic ingredients.


Suzanne Hall is the face behind Living Nature. With her background as an analytical chemist and beautician, she started developing natural skin care. She herself suffered from troubled skin. When she started experimenting with 'Manuka oil & honey gel' she saw that this was about to change. This is how her skin care products were created, in which Manuka honey, among other things, is an important component. Suzanne Hall's Living Nature products quickly became popular and were able to help many people. Six years after founding the brand, she was named “Businesswoman of the Year”. The brand is now being discovered and praised in more and more places.


Suzanne Hall strongly believes in using natural products for nature (you). Living Nature products work together with your skin to protect and care for it in a natural way. The natural products of the brand are easily absorbed by the skin. The brand wants to stay close to nature, precisely because the world around us is becoming increasingly artificial. The effectiveness of the natural plant extracts and Manuka honey has been scientifically proven. What Living Nature wants is for people to have beautiful skin, while at the same time preserving nature. A good effort!


Living Nature does not believe in testing on animals. With this brand you can rest assured that no animal testing has been carried out. Living Nature also does not use ingredients that are harmful to people and the environment. All ingredients are sourced in an environmentally friendly way. The brand does not use plant irradiation or genetic engineering. Living Nature is certified with the BDIH quality mark. This German quality mark stands for the traceability of the raw materials, fair trade, environmentally friendly origin and the absence of genetic engineering and animal testing.


Living Nature almost entirely uses natural ingredients. Many of the ingredients have New Zealand origins. In the first place, the brand is known for the use of the healing manuka honey. This honey comes from bees that collect their nectar from the manuka plants. Manuka honey is known for its large amounts of bio-active substances, which ensure rapid wound healing and fight bacteria. This honey also moisturizes the skin and ensures fast cell metabolism. All these properties make manuka honey a perfect tool for skin that needs extra attention.

In addition to the honey, the manuka plant also produces manuka oil. This oil is known for supporting the skin's restorative capacity. The oil also has a strong effect against bacteria associated with pimples. In short, the oil balances skin bacteria but is skin-friendly.


Other New Zealand ingredients that you often encounter in Living Nature products come from the plant species kumerahou and harakeke. The kumerahou plant itself produces a natural 'foam'. Living Nature uses this foam in its products instead of synthetic foaming agents. The harakeke plant is known for the formation of 'polysaccharide gel' on the inside of the leaves. This gel is moisturizing and soothing and therefore particularly suitable for skin care . Living Nature also likes to use kelp, hello clay, jojoba oil and rose oil, among other things. These are all ingredients that have strong purifying, moisturizing or cleansing properties.


Living Nature uses natural perfumes (essential oils) in its products. These are soothing and promote good skin health. The fragrances are developed exclusively for Living Nature in France.


If Living Nature has doubts about the safety of certain ingredients, they are not used in products. This is the case with mineral oils and petroleum products such as paraffin. You will also not find the well-known hard surfactants such as lauryl sulphate and sodium in Living Nature products. Finally, the brand does not use synthetic preservatives such as parabens.


Everyone has a different skin with different needs. Living Nature has researched this and has developed suitable, natural products for every skin type. There are special products for dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin. There is a complete range for every skin type. Consider, for example, a suitable day cream, night cream, toner and cleaner.


If your skin needs extra attention or care, Living Nature can offer a solution. For each product you can easily and quickly see which ingredients are used and what they do. The list of ingredients is short per product. Have fun discovering this natural brand for every skin type!

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