About us


About us


MySupernaturals.com is a small family business and has been an online store for natural care products and supplements since 2010. In addition to a number of better-known brands, the range mainly consists of relatively unknown products and brands from different countries.

We believe in pure, honest products that have sometimes even proven themselves over the centuries, or have just been discovered. Nature has so much good to give. Our mission is to introduce our visitors to products that you will not find in every store and that have been carefully selected. This means short ingredient lists with as many non-aggressive ingredients and ingredients of organic origin as possible. We also think it is important to provide the correct information so that you as a customer can make a conscious decision.


Our products are often based on natural ingredients that have been used for centuries by local populations from all over the world. These ingredients have a rich cultural history and special active properties. Consider, for example, argan oil from Morocco, castor oil from Jamaica and ' black soap ' from Africa. But we also have nutritional supplements and nutrition. For example, think of superfoods for your smoothie or breakfast. Or primordial juices packed with good qualities.

We also aim to supply natural products that are good for nature and people. Our products are always not tested on animals, organic as much as possible and vegan where possible. None of the products we offer use micro plastic and where possible glass bottles are offered which are easy to recycle.