Aleppo Soap/for your hair

Aleppo Soap not only has a good effect on your skin, but is also an excellent care product for your hair. The specially added ingredients in the Aleppo Shampoos each have a specific effect on your hair and scalp.

Dry and brittle hair revives after using the Aleppo Shampoo for Dry Hair . Oily hair is treated by the tailored ingredients of the Aleppo Shampoo for Oily Hair . Do you want a gentle shampoo for the whole family? Then try the Aleppo Shampoo for Normal Hair . Hair and scalp revive with Aleppo Shampoo.
A bar of soap as shampoo for your hair ? That may sound crazy, but you will be amazed by the results! To get beautiful, clean and shiny hair you really don't need shampoos with synthetic additives.


Most shampoos contain harmful substances such as silicones, parabens and preservatives. These substances ensure, among other things, that the shampoo foams vigorously. That sounds nice, but it is actually very bad for your hair! Every time you wash your hair, a layer is formed around your hair.

This seals the hair. It may seem like your hair looks healthy for a while, but over time your hair will become lifeless and damaged. Aleppo Soap is a natural product and therefore contains no chemical additives. It cleans and conditions your hair without damaging it. But what makes Aleppo Soap now a good alternative to a synthetic shampoo?


Olive oil cleanses the scalp and hair intensively. In addition, it also has a very nourishing effect. Your hair and scalp are hydrated and become healthy and fresh again. Your hair will feel wonderfully soft and smooth again after washing.


Bayberry oil has an antibacterial effect. Do you have a troubled scalp? The laurel oil in Aleppo Soap will then ensure that your scalp will relax again and will therefore be less irritated. It protects the skin against external influences, so your hair is not easily damaged. The disinfectant and caring effect of laurel oil makes your hair look healthy and fresh!


Aleppo Soap cleanses and cares for your scalp intensively. Since Aleppo Soap is a natural product, it does not contain any added foam enhancers and can therefore foam less.

Your hair may also feel a bit stiffer during and just after washing. That may take some getting used to, but it is really healthier for your hair! Your hair has really become clean and will feel soft again shortly afterwards. As a natural conditioner, you can rinse with apple cider vinegar after washing. This ensures that the scalp is brought back into balance, any soap residue is removed and the hair gets a nice shine. Take 1 part vinegar to 8 parts water, let it work for 1 to 3 minutes and then rinse carefully with clean water. Would you rather not have a bar of soap? to use to wash your hair? Then choose one of the special Aleppo shampoos for normal hair, dry hair or oily hair. These consist of almost 99% ingredients of natural origin.

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