Argan oil for your skin

For your skin

For those who want radiant and visibly younger skin, hydration alone is not enough. During the day, the skin dries out and is exposed to harmful influences such as sun, dirty air and stress. Argan oil provides an ultra-light layer over the skin, allowing the skin to retain moisture better, show fewer wrinkles and feel supple. In addition, Argan oil contains vitamin E: a powerful antioxidant that helps in the fight against skin aging. It is not without reason that Argan oil is called 'Moroccan gold'.


Moroccan men and women have enviably healthy and firm skin even into old age. In Morocco, the oil from the 'tree of beauty' has been used for generations. Do you want to know exactly how this works and how best to use argan oil? Then read on quickly.


Antioxidants are naturally present in our skin, but unfortunately decrease as we age. They are natural protectors against free radicals; harmful substances released by the sun and other internal and external influences. These harmful substances lead to oxidation, the main culprit in skin aging. Pure, cold-pressed argan oil naturally has a remarkably high dosage of the antioxidant vitamin E. In the sun, argan oil supports the skin's restorative capacity and contributes to the fight against skin aging.


Argan oil is very fine in structure and non-comedogenic, which allows the top to penetrate deep into the skin without clogging the pores in the skin. In this way, moisture is retained in the skin and the oil provides a protective layer against further dehydration. The result is supple skin, which means wrinkles are less likely to appear and are also less visible. Argan oil is absorbed relatively well into the skin due to its light structure, so that no greasy layer remains, just baby-soft skin.


Argan oil is a multifunctional product for the face and body. Use the pure argan oil as a serum for your day or night cream , in the bath or to cleanse the skin. Or keep a bottle of argan oil in your bag to enjoy soft lips, hands and beautiful nails all day long. But there are also products that are enriched with argan oil. For example, consider one day or night cream , shower gel or hand cream . Read below exactly how you can use argan oil for face, body and hands.


To keep the skin as hydrated as possible, it is very important to apply the argan oil at the right time. After washing and patting your face dry, immediately apply a argan cream or the pure argan oil On. This way the skin is still moist and has no chance of drying out further. Moreover, it is absorbed better. If you use a cream first, you can apply the argan oil after 5 minutes.

To apply argan oil, rub a few drops of argan oil into the palm of your hand and rub it warm between your hands. Then apply the oil with gentle movements your face and around the eyes. You will notice that the oil is easy to distribute, is absorbed almost immediately and does not feel greasy. After approximately 10 minutes, the oil is completely absorbed and your skin remains hydrated for the rest of the day.


Cleaning your face with argan oil? Apply a few drops to a cotton pad and easily remove excess dirt or makeup. Do you have troubled skin and would you like a more thorough cleansing? Then mix argan oil with castor oil for the famous 'Oil Cleansing Method'. Massage this mixture carefully and cover your face with a steamy towel until it cools down. Then wipe off the excess oil. A wonderful spa moment and radiantly clean skin!


By adding just a few drops to your bath, the oil leaves a layer of oil on the entire body, which is absorbed after you get out of the bath. After drying, your entire body is hydrated and wonderfully soft. It is no longer necessary to apply body lotion! No bath? Then use one of our argan shower gels or add a few drops to your favorite soap. Could your body use some extra hydration? Then apply pure argan oil after showering while your body is still wet. This way it distributes easily and you need less than on dry skin. Or choose one of the body oils, body butters or lotions with argan oil.

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Wash your hands under lukewarm water or soak your hands in a bowl of lukewarm water. Pat your hands dry and immediately apply argan oil to your hands. Don't forget to rub the oil around your cuticles extra. Result: silky soft hands. Tip: add a bottle of argan, for example 60ML in your handbag and use it during the day as a hand cream and as a lip cream!

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Pure argan oil can be applied to multiple parts of the body and is suitable for different skin types, hair types and problem areas. Daily external influences (exhaust fumes, smoking and cold) are not conducive to this the skin and the hair , and nowadays we are increasingly aware of this. The most important properties of argan oil are nourishing and repairing, and this natural oil contains no artificial additives.

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The skin is our largest organ, it works like a shield that protects the inside against external influences. A lot can be read from the skin and good care of it is very important.

The unique composition and pure ingredients of argan oil support the skin's restorative capacity and serve to supplement the natural strength that our skin contains. By regularly rubbing the skin, the moisture balance is maintained and it retains its natural shine.

Argan oil is soft and has a pleasant, nutty scent. It is suitable for all skin types. Use argan oil liberally for dry skin, but only apply argan oil at night for oily skin.