Cold-pressed Castor Oil

Castor oil has many good properties and effects. In our webshop you will find both extra dark castor oil and lighter, cold-pressed oil. We will pay more attention to the latter form below. Because what exactly is cold-pressed castor oil and what makes this castor oil so special?

Ricinus communis - wonderboom


The name itself actually explains how cold-pressed castor oil is made. Cold-pressed castor oil is obtained by cold pressing the castor beans. These castor beans grow on the so-called castor tree. This tree does not necessarily owe its name to the fact that it produces a wonderful care product, but mainly to the reason that the tree grows wonderfully fast.

After picking the castor beans, the seeds are cleaned from the fruits. They are then 'cold' pressed or ground, where the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees. The latter is important, because biologically active substances can become inactive at a higher temperature. Cold pressing therefore retains most of the nutrients. Oil is released during the pressing of the seeds. This is only filtered and the pure product remains. This cold-pressed castor oil is light in color, as it has no ash mixed in, and is quite viscous.


Many types of castor oil are produced by roasting castor beans. Then they are finely ground and boiled. Finally, the oil is squeezed out. Because the castor beans are roasted, the oil gets a dark color. The longer the castor beans are roasted, the darker the oil will be and therefore the higher the alkaline value. A high alkaline value opens the hair cuticles so that good nutrients from the oil can penetrate deeply into your hair. That gives volume! It works the same with the hair follicles; they expand, absorb the nutrients and leave your hair feeling stronger and thicker. The difference is that cold-pressed castor oil has retained all the good nutrients and the non-cold-pressed castor oil has a higher alkaline value due to roasting. You have to try for yourself which one suits you best!


In our webshop you will find both cold-pressed castor oil and... black castor oil . You can find the cold-pressed version from different brands, but all brands are of high quality and worth trying. Bionoble castor oil is free from hexane, completely natural and not tested on animals. Najel 's cold-pressed castor oil is also 100% natural and not tested on animals. In short, it doesn't make much difference which cold-pressed castor oil you choose; it is what you feel best about. So, try them out and choose your favorite castor oil. Want to bet it will soon become an indispensable oil in your bathroom?