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Quality Aleppo Soap

Jun 20, 2023Marieke Bergsma


Aleppo Soap has many special properties. It is an effective and unique soap, provided it is the real one Aleppo soap Re. Only then can you be assured that it is a pure soap with only natural ingredients that has a positive effect on skin and hair.

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The quality and effect of Aleppo Soap depends on the ingredients. If non-natural ingredients have been added, the beneficial power of the soap will be lost. The positive effect of Aleppo Soap because it contains only natural ingredients. The skin is not affected by chemical additives and can be gently cleaned and cared for.


Real Aleppo soap comes from Syria and is made by hand manufactured on authentic way . The most important ingredients, olive oil and bay berry oil, are pressed from the olives and berries of trees and shrubs. The olive oil used comes from cold pressing, which ensures that as many beneficial properties as possible are retained. This in contrast to multiple hot pressings, as a result of which beneficial effects disappear.

With real ones Aleppo Soap only natural ingredients are used and no further chemical additives are used. So pay close attention to the ingredients and composition when you buy Aleppo soap. Save your skin and choose the real, natural Aleppo soap that is available in our webshop.


Originally Aleppo soap comes from Aleppo, Syria. This soap has been made here for more than 3000 years on the basis of olive oil and bay berry oil. The manufacturer of our Aleppo soap still adheres to the traditional methods of manufacturing the soap. These methods respect the environment and are derived from the beauty treatments of Eastern women in ancient times.

Read more about the effect of Aleppo soap or go directly to our Aleppo soap webshop

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