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What is the best way to store Aleppo soap?

Jun 20, 2023Marieke Bergsma


A bar of soap often lasts longer than a liquid soap. This is because you can always 'measure' the right amount of soap with a bar of soap. You can quickly take too much of liquid soap in the shower or bath. It slips out of your hands and rinses off, or you just smear more than necessary on your skin. What is very important with a bar of soap is that you store it correctly. This way you keep the bar of soap good for longer and it also looks even nicer and fresher.

Aleppo zeep in een schaal


Aleppo Soap is known to have a very long shelf life. Do you also want to guarantee a long shelf life of the soap while you use the soap? Then make sure that you let the soap drain well, dry it and air it out. You can easily achieve this by placing the soap on a partially open soap dish, so that air can also reach the bottom of the soap block.

After use, rinse the soap well and carefully, so that any foam and dirt does not stick to the soap. Your soap will stay fresh and clean and will last longer.


The outside of Aleppo soap has a different color than the inside of the soap block. You can see this if you cut the soap.

This color difference arises during the nine-month drying process of the soap after intensive production. Sunlight oxidizes the outside of the soap block and gives it a yellow/brown color. The inside of Aleppo Soap remains olive green in color. This color difference has no influence at all on the functioning and quality of the soap and is therefore quite normal.


It does not mean that the soap is no longer good or can no longer be used. It gives Aleppo Soap its own identity. And, the color difference gives a nice look, if you cut the soap. Keep in mind that the color difference will disappear if the soap block is exposed to daylight for a longer period of time.

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