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Oct 17, 2023Marieke Bergsma

At the beginning of 2010, Supernaturals took over the Kiss From Nature online store at from the then owner. Kiss From Nature became too much of a burden for her and we were looking for a fun challenge. So we quickly reached an agreement and the transfer was a fact! After a short training period, it was decided to improve and professionalize the Kiss From Nature website, products and services in a number of steps. We want to offer more payment options, faster delivery, more information on the site and more! Where do you start then? Indeed… with a new website! This will be live from December 1, 2010! We have also given the new site that replaces Kiss from a nice new name:

Developments did not stop here and soon a new logo and new layout were introduced for Supernaturals and, and were also developed. After years of working on the sites with great passion, the previous owner also passed on the baton and in 2021 changed owners. I (Marieke) run the sites from Portugal where I have been living for several years. Because I want to give the sites a more international character, we have developed MySupernaturals where the natural cosmetics that you know from us are still central. The entire collection, information, layout and blogs are all still there, we just gave it a new look!

We still believe in pure, honest products that have sometimes even proven themselves over the centuries, or have just been discovered. Nature has so much good to give. Our mission is to introduce our visitors to products that you will not find in every store and that have been carefully selected. This means short ingredient lists with as many non-aggressive ingredients and ingredients of organic origin as possible. We also think it is important to provide the correct information so that you as a customer can make a conscious decision.

We would love to hear what you think of our new site!

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