Wat is mijn haartype?

What is my hair type?

Sep 29, 2023Marieke Bergsma

One has a gigantic head of curls, the other has to make do with thin, straight hair. In general, our hair can be divided into four hair types, each of which can be divided into different degrees. In this blog you can read all about the four different hair types and the underlying variants; from the properties of the hair to the hair care products that are best to use.


Do you have locks that fall flat against your head even with a little mist? Do you have to use curlers for hours just to get a little bit of bang in your hair? Determining your hair type can really help you make every day a 'good hair day'. But how do you determine what exactly your hair type is? To help you with this, we have listed all types of hair. So take a good look at your locks, preferably after you have washed them and have not yet added any styling products.


Lifeless, limp, fat and boring; those are a lot of words used for straight hair. And not rightly so, because straight hair can be incredibly beautiful! You just have to take care of it the right way. For example, don't wash your hair too often, because this strips the hair of the much-needed fats for healthy and shiny hair. Your hair will compensate for this and your hair will only become greasier. This will take some getting used to at first, but you will see that your hair will adapt automatically. Don't forget to take care of your hair. Many people with straight hair avoid conditioners because they make their hair weaker. Yet this is not very smart in the long term; By closing your hair cuticles after washing, the hair retains moisture better and is less vulnerable during the day. Don't you like conditioners? Then try rinsing your hair with cold water and a little apple cider vinegar.


By hair type 1A we mean baby soft, straight hair. This hair type is almost impossible to curl and sometimes difficult to style. This type of hair often becomes greasy quickly and falls limply along your face. A hair care product that you can use very well is Aleppo Shampoo for Oily Hair . Besides the fact that this shampoo controls the production of sebum on your scalp, it also strengthens your hair. Your straight hair will fall smoothly again and look wonderfully fresh. Another great hair care product for thin hair strands is Hair Repair Fluid Hair Volumizer . It restores your hair and gives it more volume and vitality, without weighing it down too much.


Straight hair cannot be shaved with the same brush. Unlike 1A, hair type 1B has thicker hair strands that bend slightly at the end, but cannot be called curl. Give this hair an extra boost with the Argan oil with Eucalyptus Shampoo , so that it gets some extra volume and a natural shine. The Argan oil also protects your hair against harmful external substances. Another shampoo worth trying for hair type 1 is the Volume Shampoo for Lifeless Hair . It brings lifeless hair back into good condition. Then use a light conditioner such as the natural one conditioner from Hairwonder .


Ok, hair type 1C: straight, but with some blow at the bottom of your locks. This hair type is very thick and very prone to frizz. Curls you make in this hair can hold quite well. This is also due to the fact that this hair type already has some of its own. What you have to pay attention to is that your hair does not become a big ball of fluff as soon as you step outside. Therefore, use a hair serum, such as: Hair serum with Castor oil and Mint . This serum nourishes the scalp and hydrates the hair. In addition, it prevents hair breakage and helps make hair stronger. Do you blow dry your hair? Make sure you don't do it too hot with this hair type.

In addition to the above hair care products, you can always make a mask for your hair, for example Castor oil and Argan oil . It helps to strengthen, hydrate and reduce frizz. Then wash your hair carefully and seal your hair with a light conditioner .


Wavy hair is considered by many people to be the ideal hair for women. It is the golden mean between curls and straight hair. However, it is often not ideal to have wavy hair, because it often takes some effort to get wavy hair into the right model. It is important for hair type 2, wavy hair, to use the right combination of hair care products. This prevents the winding hair strands from falling flat along your head.


This hair type can best be described as 'just-out-of-bed hair'. Every strand of hair has an occasional twist and is often slightly drier than straight hair. Some women with hair type 2A use a hair straightener to straighten their hair. But that's a shame, because a little blow in your hair can be very nice. Wash your slightly drier hair with Intensive Moisturizing Shampoo with Manuka Honey & Shea Butter and the accompanying conditioner . It is also advisable to occasionally give your hair an oil treatment, for example with (a combination of) castor oil , jojoba oil , argan oil or coconut oil . For example, do this while taking a bath or the night before you wash your hair. Always try to let your hair air dry and if necessary, use a curling iron to give a weaker section of hair some blow.


This hair type is the real 'surfer girl' hair type. Wavy, slightly curly hair with a cool look. These curls look best if you take care of them with, for example, the Styling Lotion with Castor Oil and Shea Butter . Use a small amount on still wet hair (not at the roots), blot with a soft towel or old t-shirt, and knead the curls in. Let it air dry. Only when it is completely dry should you knead your locks so that any harder locks become soft again. Then use your fingertips to loosen your hair at the roots for extra volume. The lotion makes your hair less dry and provides it with optimal care. And the big secret for this haircut: stay away from it as much as possible during the day!


To give your wavy locks some extra emphasis, you can use a curling iron to create the perfect waves. Using a curling iron can damage your hair a bit, so give your hair some extra attention. This can be done with, for example Intensive Hair Mask with Manuka Honey and Shea Butter or with Hair serum for hair and scalp with Shea Butter & Argan Oil. You can also style your wavy strands with your fingers, as long as you make sure you moisturize your hair intensively so that they look healthy and radiant!


Curls: beautiful! Yet not all 'curly people' are happy with their curls. Curls really need a lot of attention. Curly hair has the property of quickly frizzing and jumping in all directions because it is a bit drier than type 2. But, with good care and your hair dryer (with diffuser!) on a low setting, you will certainly steal the show with your hair. natural curls. Still very important for type 3 curls: wash your hair with shampoo a maximum of three times a week and only comb your hair with a brush or comb before washing or wetting your hair. This gives you the most beautifully shaped curls.


This type of curl is common in the Netherlands and can also be a combination with wavy hair. The trick is to find the right balance between intense care without it being too much. A good shampoo and conditioner for this hair type is the Shampoo for Curls with Coconut Oil & Shea Butter and the accompanying conditioner for curls . To get the best curl from this type is to use the so-called 'scrunch method'. Apply an appropriate hair care product, e.g Styling Milk for Curls of Coconut Oil & Shea butter. Then use your fingers to push your curls up towards your scalp. Let your hair dry completely and then scrunch it loose. Perfect curl!


These curls are very similar to type 3A in terms of care and are like extended spirals that grow towards your shoulders instead of straight from the roots. The Shampoo for Curls of Coconut oil & Shea Butter and the accompanying conditioner for fine. The combination of a light styling product and a leave-in conditioner, such as the Leave-in Conditioner with Castor Oil and Mint ensures frizz-free curls that fall nice and smoothly.


Hair type 3C curls are the thickest curls, which are also the most prone to frizz. The curls can vary in size. To take extra care against dry curls, and therefore also frizz, use the Intensive Moisturizing Shampoo with Manuka Honey & Shea Butter and the accompanying conditioner . In addition, use a hair serum such as the Intensive hair serum with Manuka Honey & Shea Butter. It maintains the moisture balance in your hair without making your hair heavier. The result is a shiny and bouncy curl! Also give your curls an oil treatment every now and then, for example Hair oil with Argan oil and Jamaican Castor Oil and it worked out well with one natural shampoo . Try out what works best for you and find the right balance so that your hair does not become too heavy or greasy.


This hair type is the so-called 'kinky hair' or frizzy hair. It is the most dry and fragile hair type. As a result, it requires a lot of styling and attention, which often means that the scalp has to endure a bit more. Good hydration of the scalp is therefore very important to ensure that the hair retains its shine. Afro hair also has a tendency to 'shrink', making the length often difficult to determine and it takes a long time before it becomes visibly longer. But let's be honest, you get a great natural look in return! We can give one tip for everyone with type 4 hair: the products from Tropic Isle living . Whether you apply it to damp hair or during the day, your hair will immediately become noticeably thicker and your curls will be super bouncy. And the best part: it doesn't stick!


A head full of small curls, that is hair type 4A. The curls can cause the length of the hair to 'shrink' by up to half when it dries. You can just about get away with the 'wash-and-go method', but if you want your hair to look and stay healthy, extra care after washing (and conditioning) is really necessary. Ideal for this hair type (and for all type 4 hair) is the Castor Oil Shampoo with Shea Butter : cleansing, stimulating and soothing for the scalp and moisturizing and protective to reduce hair breakage. A matching conditioner is the Conditioner with Castor Oil . Then use one leave in conditioner on still wet hair, use a styling product of your choice and let it air dry. When your hair is dry you can add a little bit if necessary castor oil of jojoba oil Rub between your hands and spread over your hair for shine and extra protection.


When this hair type is wet, you may discover Z-shaped kinks and S-shaped curls. With this hair type it is crucial to use the right hair care product. It becomes frizzy quickly and you want your hair to break as little as possible. Follow the advice for type 4A, but you can use a little more product in terms of care and styling. It is also useful to have an extra one during the day bottle/jar of leave in conditioner or souffle to have with you so that you can walk around with shiny curls all day long. To prevent frizz and provide extra protection against hair breakage, you should treat this hair regularly (preferably before every wash) with an oil or serum such as Hair serum with Castor oil and Mint .


This hair type is the real deal. This can be incredibly beautiful and cool, but the dense texture makes it extra difficult to untangle. This makes your already fragile hair break very easily. So make sure you take the right steps before untangling it:

Take intense care of your hair black castor oil or a hair serum with castor oil . Do this on wet hair and use a heat cap or a warm towel if necessary. Wash your hair with a cleansing (clarifying) shampoo like the one with castor oil or an intensively nourishing shampoo with castor oil . Always use one (accompanying) conditioner . Spray your hair with a anti-tangle product , to prevent hair breakage as much as possible when combing. Then comb your hair well. Take care of it with the right leave-in cream so that your hair is hydrated. Seal your hair (while it is still wet) with an oil of your choice. Be careful not to use too much, this can also be done after it has dried. Let your hair dry (possibly with a diffuser on a low setting). Use a little more Castor Oil Styling Cream against Frizzy Hair, LOC butter or curl souffle to style the last fluffy hairs.

As you can see, a bad hair day is really not necessary. The perfect hair care products can be found for every hair type. Are you still not sure which hair type suits you? Which can! It is possible that your hair structure consists of a combination of different hair types. Then just try varying the hair types that come closest until you find the right balance. Good luck!

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