Castor oil for straight hair


Straight hair has a number of advantages that many curly people envy. The cuticles of straight hair are naturally flat, making them less likely to be damaged and more shiny. The disadvantage, however, is that it becomes fat faster and loses volume more easily. Do you want castor oil you have to be careful not to weigh your hair down. So how can you benefit from the benefits that castor oil offers, without suffering from greasy or heavy hair? You can do this by using castor oil for scalp massages, as a hair mask and as a pre-poo. In addition, there are of course castor shampoos and conditioners. Below you will find all suitable products and how to best use them. Enjoy!


You can use pure castor oil or a mix of different oils for this. Because castor oil is naturally thicker (similar to liquid honey), it is often mixed with a other oil such as jojoba oil, coconut oil or argan oil. You can of course also buy a ready-made mix. Apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips and massage the oil into the scalp. You can leave the oil on for 15 minutes, a few hours or overnight before washing it with a sulfate-free shampoo. Repeat washing if necessary.

Meisje met steil haar


For a mask with pure castor oil, you proceed in much the same way as with a head massage, but then apply the oil to the entire hair. Could your hair use some extra care? Then try one of the masks with castor oil.


A pre-poo is the use of oil in your hair before a wash. It puts a protective layer over your hair, so to speak, so that your hair absorbs water less (quickly) and the hair cuticles do not rise as much. This is good for two reasons: the hair swells and shrinks less and the hair is less vulnerable during washing. In addition, the hair is slightly easier to comb and dries out less quickly. Always use a well-cleansing sulfate-free shampoo such as the JBCO Shampoo Shea Moisture .


Not sure which castor oil to choose to treat your hair? Then use our selection aid !


Use a good cleansing shampoo that does not weigh down too much, such as the JBCO Shampoo from Shea Moisture.


Styling products with (a lot of) castor oil are not recommended for straight hair. An exception to this is if you have short hair and are going for a semi-wet look. Then it can give a little more body, especially in the form of or in combination with a gel to keep it in shape. Then look here for everything styling products with castor oil .


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