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How is Aleppo soap made?

Jun 20, 2023Marieke Bergsma


Aleppo Soap from Najel is manufactured in a traditional, artisanal way. The soap consists in pure form only of olive oil, laurel oil , water and lye. A very natural and environmentally friendly soap.

Aleppo zeep fabriek


The olives and berries used for production are picked by hand between August and October. The bay berries are then immersed in boiling water to separate the pulp from the kernel (the latter is poisonous to humans).

The pulp is then hydraulically pressed once, so that oil remains. This method of cold pressing preserves all the good properties of the oil. The olives are also cold pressed to obtain the oil.


The olive oil, laurel oil , the water and the lye are now saponified. This is done according to a process that is more than 3000 years old.

Saponification starts with heating the water and lye in a large kettle to a certain temperature. The olive oil is then added and heated for 12 hours. The temperature is closely monitored; this should not become too high, as the oil may then lose its effect. After this, the whole thing is left to stand.

The next day, the contents of the kettle are heated again and the filtered laurel oil is mixed in. The whole is then carefully rinsed several times with clean water to remove any trace of corrosive substances (such as sodium). This water is then removed from the boiler and recycled.

The oil is now converted into soap molecules through a natural chemical reaction between the oil and sodium hydroxide.

Olijven aan een takje


The soap paste that is now left is spread in a kind of basin and made even. The solidification can now begin. Once this process is complete, the soap is cut into blocks by hand and each block is stamped with it Najel brand. The bars of soap are now dried for nine months. In these months, the soaps oxidize on the outside, creating a yellow / brown color. The inside remains an olive green color. It should be clear that no dyes, synthetic fragrances, palm oil or preservatives have been added to this authentic, natural soap.

Pure nature, friendly to the skin and the environment!

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