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What is the composition of Aleppo Soap

Sep 19, 2023Marieke Bergsma


Aleppo Soap is a hard soap, based on natural ingredients and always olive oil and bay berry oil. So a very pure and pure product. Due to these pure ingredients, the soap can be very well tolerated by sensitive and easily irritated skin. The special properties and effects of the soap have been known for thousands of years and that is why the soap is still a favorite with the local population!



The basic ingredients of pure Aleppo Soap its natural olive oil, laurel oil , vegetable soda and water. No complicated synthetic ingredients, but that does not mean that the effect of the soap is not powerful or effective. On the contrary! The olive oil and laurel oil ensure that the soap has a protective, nurturing, nourishing, cleansing and antibacterial effect. Due to the exceptionally high concentration of vegetable oils Aleppo Soap the only soap that floats in water.

Aleppo Soap contains ingredients that are completely natural and organic. Fair for the environment and fair for your body!


The percentage bay berry oil in the Aleppo Soap determines the strength of the effect described above. The higher the percentage of bay berry oil, the more powerful the soap. Very troubled skin will benefit from a soap with 40% laurel oil, but Aleppo Soap with 5% laurel oil also has an excellent effect on normal or slightly troubled skin. Take a good look at which soap suits your skin best.


Olive oil intensively cleanses the scalp and hair. In addition, it also has a very nourishing effect. Your hair and scalp are hydrated and become healthy and fresh again. Your hair feels wonderfully soft and smooth after washing. Your skin is also deeply nourished and hydrated by the wonderfully soft olive oil.

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